Jessica Buckley is an Edinburgh-based interior designer, specialising in quirky yet elegant designs. Having worked in property for several years, in 2010 she decided to steer her career in a new direction, and in 2011 moved back to the UK to start her now successful interior design company. After living in both Australia and Asia, Jessica combines both cultural influences and uses a diverse range of colours and patterns to produce a well-balanced look in her designs. In an interview with House & Garden Jessica discusses her belief that “the creation of a beautiful home is all about layering; layers of light, texture and colour”. She finds that “rooms look and feel so much better when they deliver more depth than that which first meets the eye”. Jessica’s designs definitely follow this mantra as she combines these three elements flawlessly.  


Over the past year, we have had the pleasure of photographing many of Jessica’s interior designs in Edinburgh and London, including the makeover of a two-bedroom apartment in Edinburgh’s New Town, which was recently featured in the March issue of House & Garden. The gorgeous, open-plan flat is not only a stones-throw away from the magnificent Edinburgh Castle but is located on the edge of Stockbridge; an area full of culture and design. With it’s boutique shops, and trendy bars; this area is pretty up-and-coming!

When we first walked into the apartment to commence the photoshoot, we were hit by a complimentary mix of poppy colours, enhanced by a neutral grey-walled backdrop. With tall ceilings and large south-facing windows, the space immediately felt bright and airy with key light shining through the day’s cloudy sky. The windows of the apartment were on only one side of each room, meaning the light in the apartment was very one directional; this creates great contrast in the room with bright highlights and strong shadows. Lighting like this is a favoured type of ours; we love how it creates a beautiful gradient across the entire room, really making the space pop!

In every room of the apartment the colours and furniture placement were harmonious, resulting in very little tweaking before the shoot. Jessica’s impeccable styling really brought the whole design together- from books and flowers, to ornaments and other decorative objects; every item was colour coordinated and placed thoughtfully throughout the apartment without over-cluttering the space. Styling can really make or break the final outcome of an interior shoot and Jessica got the balance just right.

As Judith Wilson writes, “there Is no doubt that clients flock for Jessica’s assured, cool design-vibe”, Jessica’s talented and skilful styling means that she is definitely a designer to watch out for!

Project furniture suppliers and manufacturers:

Zoffanypaint on walls, “Shetland”
Charlotte James furnitureall upholstery items
Andrew Martinfabric on grey/red striped sofa and ottoman
Designers Guildyellow fabric on sofa
Christopher Farr Clothred fabric on chaise longue
Jennifer Mannerscushion on chaise longue
Fermoiefabric on armchairs
Bennisonfabric on headboard
Brunschwig & Filswallpaper in bedroom
Pookylampshades in sitting room and also in guest bedroom