In the UK, there are many great interior and architectural photographers to choose from – we are in a pretty competitive industry! We are often asked the question, what makes ZAC and ZAC so different from any other interior photographer?  So we thought we’d combine a wee list highlighting our USPs…


Our passion for design and photography!

With a longstanding family background in interior design and a couple of product design degrees, Ryan and Aaron grew up immersed in interiors, design and photography.  Because of this, they have developed a true passion for shooting diverse and interesting spaces, and love what they do! At ZAC and ZAC, we place real time and effort into capturing the personality of a client’s interior- we aim to capture the true feelings and emotions that we felt when first walking into a space. We know how important it is that the identity of a space is reflected in the photography!

Two studio locations!

Unlike other photographers, we are based not only in London, but we also have a studio in Edinburgh too. This allows us to be very flexible and versatile. We are easily able to travel UK-wide; not only for photography projects but for key design events including The London Design Festival, The London Festival of Architecture, and Scotland’s Trade Fair and The Architecture Fringe, to name a few.

Double the manpower!

ZAC and ZAC was founded by a family duo of cousins- Ryan and Aaron. Together they decided to combine their skills, and focus their expertise into creating something great. Their collaboration means that they consistently bounce ideas off of one another and build from each other’s skill-set. When an image is created by ZAC and ZAC it has been produced by the combination of two minds instead of one, creating exciting and unique results. With a joint experience of ten years in the interior and architectural photography industry, Ryan and Aaron ensure that every image is produced with great care and attention to detail.

Our collaboration!

Over the years we have collaborated with many leading interior and architectural publications, meaning that our images are published in renowned magazines, including House and Garden, World of Interiors, The Architects’ Journal and The Andrew Martin Design Review Book.

An open and friendly approach!

As cousins and pals, Ryan and Aaron have an approachable way of working. At ZAC and ZAC we like to make the process as easy and comfortable for the client as possible. Especially, as we are a youthful company within our industry! From the initial shoot to the final editing process, we find taking a professional yet open approach is best.

Top of the range equipment…

From lenses and cameras, to colour calibration tools and approval systems – we splash the cash and ensure that all the equipment we use is top of the range! We have invested in specialist up-to-date equipment and software in order to create the best photographic results possible.

Like baking a cake, these distinctive ingredients combine to create a unique experience!