Aaron and Ryan studied together in the field of design in Edinburgh. After completing their degree, they launched a successful 3D visualization business. This focused on assisting interior designers and architects to illustrate their designs in a digital 3D form. By using virtual 3D cameras within their visualization software, they found a passion for real-life photography, with Ryan focusing on retro film style and Aaron loving all things digital. In 2015, Aaron and Ryan combined their individual strengths and began their own interior and architectural photography business. Their unique eye for detail along with their photography experience and skills has worked in perfect harmony to create their successful interior and architectural photography business. Their success enabled them to open their second studio in London in 2016, where they could cater to the design capital of the UK.

Services Offered 

ZAC and ZAC understand the impact of quality photography. It is an essential part of selling and advertising as professional photographs can visually assist you to develop your brand image and stand out amongst the competition. ZAC and ZAC offer professional imagery to several creatives including, interior designers, architects, media publications, and bespoke furniture artisans. The images provided can be used within brochures and media publications, online content and other beneficial marketing purposes. ZAC and ZAC cater for large- and small-scale photoshoots by offering flexible hourly, half day or full day shoots depending on the client’s requirements.

Interior Services 

ZAC and ZAC offer a service of professional imagery which aims to effectively showcase the work of the creative. Capturing the important details of the design through precise camera angles allows creatives to display their work successfully to their selected target audience. ZAC and ZAC also offer a service of furniture studio photography to creatives looking to showcase their craftsmanship.

Architectural Services 

ZAC and ZAC offer a service which effectively captures the key structural components and important design features of the architectural structure. Aaron and Ryan work together to showcase the full picture of the building from the inside out, focusing on photographing the main design elements in coordination with the positioning of the sun.

Photography Shooting Style

Photography and Lighting
The use of light in photography and how it interacts with the built environment is extremely important to ZAC and ZAC. Ryan and Aaron produce natural-looking imagery that best represents the true atmosphere of a space by using a flashlight sparsely and intelligently to maintain natural light to preserve its unique quality.

Photographic Composition
The placement and alignment of all accessories and objects in relation to one another and the surrounding environment are highly considered and manipulated. Colour is another significant factor which designers and stylists put due consideration and time into getting right. ZAC and ZAC appreciate this and use colour-checking tools whilst shooting onsite to ensure colour is accurately represented throughout all their imagery.

Photography Equipment
Camera equipment is frequently upgraded to enable them to continue to create the highest quality of imagery. Currently Aaron and Ryan both use a full frame, 45.7 megapixel Nikon D850 cameras. They use a wide selection of specialist architectural lenses and tether remotely to iPads whilst conducting each shoot to aid with styling, image capture, and live image reviewing.


The pricing of a ZAC and ZAC photoshoot varies in accordance with the brief and requirements of the client. For a full quote please contact Ryan and Aaron at contact@zacandzac.co.uk or via our Contact Us page with a description of the shoot along with how many images you require. If you wish to purchase an image license from an already completed project, please also contact ZAC and ZAC via the email address above.

ZAC and ZAC Workflow Process

For more in-depth information about the ZAC and ZAC photography process, including detailed information about the shoot day preparation, styling, premium post-production, and customised approval software, check out our workflow blog post via the button below…