Specialising in interior photography, we believe in taking great care, time and attention to detail in compositing, styling, lighting and editing every photograph. Great styling helps to pull the image and scene together, creating a well rounded picture that helps convey a story, message or emotion, which better connects the viewer to the captured scene. We spend a lot of time on site preparing and positioning furniture, objects and flowers and our design background has given us a good eye for this. Depending on the scale of the shoot we may commission a stylist to work with us to perfect this.

Please use the sliders we created below to compare the difference between an unstyled image straight out of camera, to a well lit, fully styled and retouched image.

Spotti, Milan

  • Before-00
    Before 00 After


White House, Scotland.

  • Before-Styling
    Before Styling After


Meikleour Cottage, Perthshire, Scotland.

  • Before-0000
    Before 0000 After