Colour calibration – what is it? Over the years, professionals across the creative industries have encountered the problem of the colour and tone of their images varying between their different screen monitors, and their prints. This has caused inaccuracies when it comes to how the shots are viewed by professionals and clients. In the past, there were many methods to overcome this problem, however these methods tended to be unreliable and time-consuming. One such method was to manually align the screen output settings of a monitor to match the print! Ooft! Today, this problem can be overcome by innovative products and tools, such as Datacolour’s Spyder5PRO.

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Why do I need to know about colour calibration? Colour calibration tools are used as a means of correcting the colour of your computer monitor, and ensure that the tone of your image is accurate. The tool massively improves the precision of your image; it assures that the whites of the image are actually white, and the blacks are black. After all, time and effort are put into choosing specific colours for your interior project, so it’s important that this is represented in your images!

Using an expert product such as the Spyder5PRO, consistency is created between the clarity of an image on varying computer monitors. This is particularly useful when printing as the image is also consistent between the computer monitor and the print. When a computer monitor is uncalibrated, the display cannot be trusted for accuracy, and it can mean the image may look either too bright, too cold or too contrasted. The Spyder5PRO can be attached to your monitor in order to run a series of diagnostic software; the product has been said to deliver the most precise and comprehensive calibration.

Here at Zac and Zac, we have been using the technique of colour calibration for the past three years, and use it frequently in order to ensure that our client receives the most accurate and clear image. We know that it is imperative that our client’s interiors are depicted exactly how they would like. If you are working within a creative industry like ourselves, we would absolutely recommend that you give monitor calibration a go! It will definitely be worth your while.

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