With architecture and design progressing constantly, tonnes of innovative new architectural designs are popping up all over the world! Here’s some which we think you should check out…

Paradise City, South Korea

Paradise City, sometimes described as an “art-tainment resort” is exactly what it says on the tin – a paradise! Contained within this exciting structure is a shopping centre, nightclub, casino, spa facility and 7 different restaurants. However, what’s unique about this multicomplex is not just it’s abundance of amenities but the 2,700 wonderful artworks showered throughout – some of the names to crop up include Alessandro Mendini, Demien Hirst and Lee Kang-so! Not only is the complex spectacular from the inside but the main entrance features a golden circle visible to tourists flying into the nearest airport. If that doesn’t catch their gaze, I don’t know what will!

yellow architectural structure

Image © MVRDV

Leeza Soho Tower, China

This magnificent skyscraper is set for completion in 2018 and will contain the world’s tallest atrium of 190m, trumping the current title holder – Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. The building connects with a new interchange station underneath and will be a new public space for the city. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the atrium’s twist allows natural light and views of the city from the centre of every single floor. Phwoar! Leeza Soho Tower was designed to understand the needs of a new generation, and to combine new technologies with tradition- the building will contain charging spaces for electric/hybrid cars, 2680 bicycle parking spaces, will use energy efficiency management systems and the materials used throughout are designed to minimise interior pollutants. It is truly futuristic!

Leeza Soho Dusk Architecture structure
Leeza Soho Day Architecture Photography
Leeza Soho Atrium Zac And Zac

Images © MIR

Coal Drops Yard London, UK

Situated in the heart of Kings Cross, in the 1850’s the coal drops were built for sorting and receiving coal as it arrived by train from the North of England. Today, this former coal yard is being transformed by Heatherwick Studio into a magnificent canal side shopping street intended to diversify London’s shopping experience. Astonishingly, even the beautiful historic cobbles and bricks have managed to survive to this day, and they are being brought back to life! By combining these Victorian features with contemporary design, Coal Drops Yard is set to be a fairly trendy area attracting people from across London, and from far and wide – many a retailer’s dream location to set up.

Architecture Across The Globe Zac And Zac

Image © MIR

V&A, Dundee

Designed by renowned Japanese designer Kengo Kuma, this complex structure was inspired by the spectacular cliffs along the East Coast of Scotland. The V&A has been designed as part of a scheme which aims to reconnect the city of Dundee with its historic waterfront. This will be Scotland’s first design museum and is set to hold 300 free exhibits telling the story of Scotland’s design heritage. The museum acts as a cultural milestone for Dundee,  and will hopefully change the perception of Dundee from “Scumdee” to “Fundee”!

v and a Dundee architectural exterior
v and a museum water front

Photography © Ross Fraser McLean

The Grand Egyptian Museum, Giza

The Grand Egyptian Museum has been long-awaited and is set to open partially this year – more than 15 years after the competition for its design was announced (which had 1557 entries across the globe!). The incredible structure is located between the pyramids and Cairo, and was created to ease the burden on the old museum built in 1902.The new museum is designed to include the latest technology, and will be an international centre of communication to promote direct contact between local and international museums. The museum will include not only hold a children’s museum and conference centre but also a training centre, and extensive gardens.

architectural structure photography zac

Image © Archimation

Jeddah Tower, Saudi Arabia

Opening in 2020, Jeddah Tower is set to be the largest building in the world at 3280-feet-tall with 252 different floors! Maybe don’t check this one out if you’re afraid of heights…  The tower was designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architects and has been designed to change opinions of Jeddah, which has previously been viewed as a gateway city to Mecca and Medina. The tower hopes to encourage the view that Jeddah is a place you do not have to leave – there will be no escaping the city once this magnificent tower is built, containing four residential floors of 325 apartments. It will also include seven office floors, a five-star Four Seasons Hotel and 97 affiliated serviced apartments.

Building Architecture with clouds Zac And Zac
Aerial Camera View Building

Imagery © Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture / Jeddah Economic Company

Institute for Contemporary Art, Virginia

The unorthodox design of this institute may look whimsical, however it has been designed thoughtfully to be an eco-friendly wonder! With three green roofs planted with native vegetation, their purpose is to absorb storm water and increase insulation. The building has also been designed with geothermal wells for heating and cooling the building, and with glass walls designed to exhaust heat in the summer and harness it in the winter. These reduce the energy being used subsequently having less effect on the environment.

white brick design architecture with light interior
Institute Virginia Architecture photo

Photography © Iwan Baan

Helsinki Central Library

No matter what mood you’re in, Helsinki Central Library was designed to have something for everyone! It consists of three distinctive levels: the active ground floor, a middle level with an in-between volume and a calm upper floor. The bottom floor will be a welcoming space with a cinema, restaurant and multipurpose hall. The middle floor will be packed with the latest technologies and is designed to encourage learning-by-doing; it will also include a public sauna! The top floor will be a serene and open space for reading. Whether you fancy a fun-filled day out, or a quiet afternoon of reading – this innovative space is for you.

Keskustakirjasto Sisa Architecture window with a view
Ala Architects exhibition outside

Imagery © ALA Architects