Photography Works
Copyright of all photography remains the property of the photographer in accordance with the 1983 Copyright and Patent act. A credit must always be attributed to ‘ZAC and ZAC’.

All third parties (e.g. consultants, contractors, clients, newspapers and magazines, publishers) wishing to use the commissioned photography must be directed to the photographer.

Reproduction rights are not automatically given to the commissioning client. Photographs in any format must not be sold, given or loaned to any third party. Appropriate reproduction fees will be charged to all third parties.

The purpose of this website is to show examples of ZAC+ZAC photography work, the images are not intended to be downloaded or used in any way. No image displayed on this website are in the public domain. Any downloading or copying of images for any purpose is a breach of copyright and strictly prohibited.

Images may be available for licensing but this must be negotiated prior to any use, including any ‘rough layouts’ or ‘mock up page’ or to show another photographer as an example of a shooting style.

©ZAC + ZAC retains the copyright to all photographs displayed on this website. Please get in touch if you would like to purchase any images.