What format and size do you supply photographs?

Your photographs are supplied as 300dpi uncompressed jpg files which will be approximately A4 print size depending on crop. If you would like the photographs supplied larger please let us know your requirements before photography post production work. We will also supply you with web-optimised images at 1920px by 1080px, if you would like them saved out at a different size please let us know. Once the images are finished you will receive an email with a download link to receive your complete high resolution images.

What is the ZAC and ZAC photography turnaround time?

This is all dependent on the size of job. Once we receive your photography brief, we can give you an accurate idea of turnaround time. Typically speaking for a full day photo shoot we will get the final edited images to you within 2 – 3 working days after day of shoot. If you have a deadline which requires the images in a shorter timeframe, we will always endeavour to meet it, however this does incur an additional ‘Fast Track Fee’. Once the photography job is confirmed you will receive a project timeline stating information on pivotal dates of the photographic process.

Why are Twilight Photographs more expensive?

We can only supply two sunset/evening images per day. These shots are more demanding to photograph, due to technical lighting setups. In addition they require over twice the amount of post production compared to natural looking images.

How does weather affect the day of shoot?

Light plays a key role and is a big element in creating high impact architectural and interior photographs. When shooting interior images during unsatisfactory weather conditions, we are able to enhance natural lighting by using our studio lights, so it does not necessary need to be sunny for interior shoots. For external shoots however, if you require sunshine and the weather forecast is poor, we can reschedule a more appropriate date up until two days before the shoot. If required, we can also produce sky replacements during the post production process.

How does your photography pricing work?

Please contact us by email – contact@zacandzac.co.uk and we will give you the required information. If you require a more accurate estimate please supply us with the following information:

– Date you require the photography work to take place?

– Date you require the final completed images?

– Number of interior/exterior overview photographs you require?

– Number of detailed specification photographs you require, i.e: door handles, cookers, taps, etc.

– Location of photo shoot?

What photographic equipment do you use?

We both use Nikon D800 cameras, which are full frame and 36.6 mega pixel. We have a wide selection of lenses and specialist architectural lenses to choose from depending on the type of shot. We also have specialist studio lighting and lots of equipment to help shape and control light and colour.

Do you use lighting equipment?

Yes, we use lighting equipment to help achieve a natural and well balanced image. Our goal to incorporate studio lighting subtly to complement and enhance the natural light within the environment. This is also dependent on the lighting conditions and if it is necessary or not. With our twilight photography we add carefully positioned lighting to help add mood and drama to the image. We may also use lighting on exteriors on occasions when it is required.

My shoot location is situated in the middle of nowhere. Is this a problem?

Our common photography working area is anywhere within the mainland UK. So as long as there are sufficient transport links for us to get to your location with our equipment, we will be able to shoot for you.  Our travel expenses are set at £25p/h. Other arrangements can be made for train and aeroplane transport.  We are also happy to work outside the UK and travel globally.

Where is your photography services based?

At present there are two interior & architectural photographers at ZAC and ZAC based in both Southern England and Scotland. We split our time between these two destinations with an Edinburgh photographer and a London photographer. As we both work separately and also together we find these locations to be very beneficial for attending photo shoots across the UK.