Great experience photographing at the Milan Expo this year where the theme was ‘Feed the planet, Energy for life’. We wish we could have stayed longer with so many fascinating cultures, architecture, foods, people and knowledge. To describe the experience in a nut shell it was like being placed on another planet for a couple of days. The event catered for an incredible 275,000 people on the day we arrived and so we decided to create a short film to give you an idea of how people flowed through the space and interacted with just some of the magnificent architectural structures and events on show.


It was a good opportunity to capture some architectural abstracts…

From left to right:

– The Pavilion of Intesa Sanpaolo by Michele De Lucchi: The work is made with materials completely ecological and recyclable, which evoke the natural elements and recall the issues of sustainable development and respect for the environment. The outside is clad with shingles originally used in traditional building techniques.

The Turkish Pavilion: The theme was based around the teachings and experiences of a rich 12,000 year old Turkish history.  There was a lot of emphasis on food, drink, spices, and ceramics. This shot looks up through the funnel like roof of an outdoor Turkish Pottery Museum. Made of welded steel tubes the blue and white structure intertwines its way up to the sky above the rest of the pavilion.

– The UK pavilion, designed by Wolfgang Buttress, recently won the Best Pavilion Architecture award and rightfully so as it stood out from the rest and was an outstanding space to experience and interact with. Built to resemble a bee hive, the pavilion takes you on a journey as a bee to help express this insects key role in the ecosystem. In this shot you can see the efficiently designed and assembled ‘meccano like’ parts that make up the hive’s honeycomb structure. By nightfall the hive becomes alive with pulsating light that delivers the sensation of active bees within.


bee hive WEBThe Hive – UK Pavilion – © ZAC and ZAC

The next Expo due to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan, has the theme “Future Energy” and will discuss “how do we ensure safe and sustainable access to energy for all while reducing CO2 emissions?” Looking forward to it already.

See more of our abstract photographs from the Expo and around the world via our architectural instagram account at: