The Dome Restaurant Bar Edinburgh Scotland Christmas Decoration Photograph Zac and Zac

As it is the festive season we felt it appropriate to post a photo of this well decorated architectural building we captured from our home city of Edinburgh. This is The Dome restaurant & bar which was originally built in 1775 as a College of Physicians and then rebuilt in 1844  as a bank. The building shares both Greek and Roman architectural characteristics, with bold pillars and stone carved figures that line its pediment depicting personifications of Caledonia. Named The Dome after its extravagant glass dome shaped roof, this building is definitely worth a visit, especially at this time of year. For an interior photographer enthusiast the inside is also deserving of some great photographs, as it shares the lavish decoration of the exterior and boasts an incredibly large Christmas tree that careers to the top of the ceiling inside.

We wish everyone a great festive period and a Happy Christmas!

Aaron & Ryan