Architectural Abstract Photography ZAC and ZAC

Our obsession with architecture and photography allows us to demonstrate our passion for simplifying buildings down into a more graphic form by highlighting the structure’s beauty, symmetry, line and geometry. The outcome being an image which portrays the individual character of each building in a unique and abstract manner. We have been fortunate to experience some great architectural feats from around the world and capture their geometric abstractions.

When visiting any site there is a strong sense of connection between the building and ourselves, the photographer. After walking around an architectural site for the first time, some compositions will arise instantly whilst others will develop over time. This is partly down to the fact that our connection with the building grows over time and partly to do with other natural elements like the ever changing weather. The effect of well positioned sunshine for instance often brings hidden shapes and forms to life making it a pleasure to analyse this interaction throughout the day. The camera’s viewfinder aids in removing surrounding distractions, acting as a surgeon’s scalpel which cleanly dissects structural forms into its various sumptuous parts.

There is of course the human element too. Introducing a human figure emphasises scale and most of all show purpose, as buildings are created for humans after all.

Architectural Abstract Photography ZAC and ZACArchitectural Abstract Photography ZAC and ZACArchitectural Abstract Photography ZAC and ZAC