The New Year has arrived, with plenty of exciting trends coming our way. As style obsessed interior and architectural photographers, we are always on the lookout for the biggest trends which will influence the photography industry. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of predicted interior design trends which are bound to take 2019 by storm! From fabrics to furnishings, continue reading to find out how you can style your space ready for the year ahead.



Image Source: Kelly Wearstler

For 20 years, Pantone’s Colour of the Year has influenced product development and buyer behaviour in several industries, including home furnishings, fashion and industrial design, as well as product, packaging, and graphic design. This year, Pantone has chosen a peachy orange shade named ‘Living Coral’ as the colour of 2019. This shade is vibrant and energising and can add a touch of something special within an interior. Infuse ‘living coral’ through soft furnishings or an accent wall to be super on trend this year. A perfect example is the Proper Hotel in San Francisco designed and styled by Kelly Wearstler



Image Source: VOLA Denmark

With a growing popularity in mid-century modern décor it comes as no surprise that one of the biggest trends to hit 2019 is the return of Terrazzo. Terrazzo is a material which consists of chips of glass, granite, marble and quartz used to create an intricate confetti-like design. Incorporate this interesting graphic pattern in your space through tiles, coffee tables, and flooring to deliver that bold aesthetic punch.

Designer, Robin Grasby from Altrock, has taken full advantage of this trend by reclaiming byproducts from natural stone industries in his East London studio to create the ever popular terrazzo. He creates this intricate material by combining recycled marble with a resin which is then pigmented in custom colours for each client. This technique is perfect for creating a striking one of a kind decorative piece for your space. Designs can be custom made for each client including materials for dining tables, worktops, bathroom surfaces and many more. His work has been a huge hit this year, with his designs being featured in Elle Décor and Dezeen magazine in January 2019.



Image Source: ZAC + ZAC

Mid-century modern has influenced interior design for several years now, but could one of the world’s most iconic styles be the next big thing? Featuring a daring colour pallet, geometric lines and bold details, art deco is the epitome of luxury, glamour and sophistication. A perfect example of this trend is this beautiful London bedroom we had the pleasure of photographing. We love the geometric velvet headboard, engraved door carvings, mixed metal accessories and the pop of colour within the soft furnishings, a very stylish bedroom for 2019.



Image Source: Kelly Wearstler

Following on from ‘Living coral’, Dulux has launched their colour of the year ‘Spiced Honey’, a warm amber tone. From this new launch we could be seeing a lot more dusky pink and peach tones enter the year of 2019. Within your space pair feminine earthy shades with contrasting Jewel tones such as Dulux Teal Lux to make your space stand out from the crowd. Incorporate softer pinks paired with natural tones for cushions and other soft furnishings to create an inviting glow within your home.



Image Source: The Libra Company.

It’s no secret that the 70s and 80s are back in full force in interior design. This year we’re trading in hard lines for softer curves by using inspiring shapes, fabrics and bold colours. Be on trend this year by incorporating rounded rugs, tables and a velvet cabriole to bring a timeless elegance within your space.